We provide our services on a 24/7 basis, providing immediate help wherever you are in our fully equipped ambulance with a professional first assistant driver and a paramedic or nurse or doctor accompanying you.

Newborn transport

Caring for a newborn is one of the greatest challenges we daily face. One of AMBULINE missions is to provide specialized newborn emergency and intensive care to all newborns in Cyprus.

Transport of people with mobility problems

People with minor or major mobility problems who need to travel seated in their wheelchair can be served through our easily accessible ambulance vehicles with ramp access.

Air ambulance transport - Repatriation

If injured or taken ill abroad, patients often want (or need) to return to their home country for specialist medical treatment, particularly if they require long-term care.

Air Medical Escort

Some people become unwell whilst travelling, need ongoing medical or nursing supervision, but are able to travel on a commercial airline. AMBULINE can provide this service.