Medical equipment is a necessary part of any medical practice. Whether it is new or used, medical equipment must meet the needs of those who will be using the equipment, function reliably and be easy to maintain.

AMBULINE supplies hospitals & clinics (private and state), private practice doctors and individuals with new and used medical equipment at very reasonable cost.

The our station is based in Limassol. With a large fleet of modern vehicles, fully equipped to the highest European safety standards and supported by a loyal and dedicated team of Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and First Assistant Drivers , we have a clear advantage when it comes to caring for the needs of our patients and clients.

We make sure to update our page every time one of our suppliers comes across a great deal. We are committed to providing each and every customer with an unparalleled customer service experience, high quality at low prices, and a great selection of new and used medical equipment.

We pride ourselves in bringing our customers the selection they want, the quality they deserve and all the best brand names in healthcare and medical equipment today.